Who we are?

Imran Ad. is not just an agency… What we really are is an ethos… Where we all strive… Not to be simply large… Not only to be profitable but… To be the best-in-class, reliable and professional.
Since 2003, Imran Ad. has built a loyal patronage by providing our clients with quality, reliable products and efficient, friendly customer service. Industry resources allow Imran Ad. to obtain superior products and materials at the lowest prices, while always maintaining the highest quality. This ongoing commitment to maintaining solid client relationships is what allows Imran Ad. to be the most trusted name in the Market. We guarantee 100 percent client satisfaction for all products we manufacture.

 The talented team of marketing and creative professionals who make up Imran Ad. come from various backgrounds – both the agency side and the client side. This gives us a unique perspective and a solid knowledge of what it takes to create powerful creative that accomplishes your company’s marketing and sales objectives.

in a Good Kind of Way! When we say Imran Ad. is different, we don’t mean we’re a group of creative types chasing down the latest ‘gnarly’ colors or the hippest lingo, for’ shizzle. We’re a smart, experienced team with solid marketing skills and creative talents, and we know how to pull it all together to develop effective marketing/ advertising solutions for our clients.


We understand our clients, their Products/Services, the market, the audience, the culture and the nature of our country well. We implement strategic planning, brand positioning and communication strategies. We do researches, focus group and surveys to clarify what’s needed.


We are a team of dedicated, target driven, goal oriented and pro-active people. We deliver quality and professionalism in all aspects of work.


We believe that change is the only constant, that’s why we try to innovate by bringing fresh and different ideas. We don’t wait for the idea to come to us. We go to the idea..


We have been able to maintain our long term relationships with our clients. We display financial integrity and transparency. We provide an invigorating workplace with sterling traditions where we growth in mutual.


Our combined passion, conviction and belief in what we do, who we work with, how we work, is what makes the difference. Giving you what you want versus giving you what we believe is right!.

Our LegacyOur Legacy: “IF I HAVE SEEN FURTHER, IT IS BECAUSE I HAVE STOOD ON THE SHOULDERS OF GIANTS”So stated Sir Isaac Newton, acknowledging the contributions of brilliant thinkers before him.At  Imran Ad. , we recognize that where we stand today is the vision of  Sir Muhammad Rasheed Ahmad , a true Artist and advertising Pioneer and one of the smartest thinkers in this business.His loss has saddened, not diminished us. Because today we celebrate what he left us: a legacy of excellence and a commitment to our clients that goes beyond the ordinary.So just as Sir Rasheed would have wanted, we are moving onwards with the same relentless passion that he exemplified – confident that we can further than anyone else.For we shall always be standing on his shoulders.And what we see looks bright indeed.

Muhammad Shehzad



Muhammad Shahzad

C.E.O. Imran Ad.

Preview of work done by Imran Ad, Khan pur

Skillful Product Branding:

With millions of products on the marketplace all claiming to be the best value for the money and each touting its own brand values, how can your product stand out among the clutter? The answer is powerful product branding. Every product or service created, modified or revitalized today faces this question. And every year, new powerful brands emerge in the marketplace to capture strong sales and customer loyalty. …

Illustration and characters:

A pencil, paper and a creative mind can produce awesome graphics that can help to punch home your message. Illustration in its varying forms can give a brand, product or business a feeling of personality and depth.

Stationery Design & Print:

Don’t look at stationery as just another business expense but as an important marketing tool. We can design and print stimulating full colour stationery that inspire response printed on the highest quality materials to ensure a long business life. Poor quality business cards are costing businesses thousands in lost earnings according to a recent study published in the journal ‘Behaviour and Information Technology” …

Sign Makers:

As one of the premier sign makers of division Bahawalpur we aim to provide the complete sign service for businesses large and small, from one off bespoke architectural designs to large roll-outs for multinational companies. At Imran Ad. We have the manufacturing capabilities and design experience to craft your perfect sign. Ranging from simple solutions such as vinyl application on windows through to flat fret cut letters to more complicated sign…

Web Design & Hosting:

Good design has a critical effect on the sales performance of a product, this along with the various print processes available require creative and technical know-how in order to produce artwork for specific markets. Imran Ad. has produced artwork for retail and trade clients for a variety of applications and finishes for new and established brands.

Digital Printing:

By purchasing the latest innovation in printing technology like Panaflex & PVC cards we are now able to offer you superior inkjet printing that has virtually limitless options. Imran Ad. Can create photo- quality digital images up to 5’ x 8’ in size, and 1.5” in thickness with superior outdoor durability. This printer is able to produce high-resolution images on various mediums, and can even produce 3-D and lenticular special effects. …

Screen Printing:

Imran Ad. Has the knowledge and expertise to provide our clients with the most cost-effective screen printing solutions available. Imran Ad. uses state-of-the-art screen printing presses which can produce signs up to 41” x 144”in size.

Packaging Design:

Good design has a critical effect on the sales performance of a product, this along with the various print processes available require creative and technical know-how in order to produce artwork for specific markets. Imran Ad. Has produced artwork for retail and trade clients for a variety of applications and finishes for new and established brands.

Advert Design:

Advertising is expensive so you need to make it count. To be effective an ad’ needs to be individual and stand out in the printed crowd in order to get your message across and reach those valuable, potential customers. Imran Ad. Can design effective, eye catching adverts for any medium.

Office Stationery Suppliers:

Since 2003, Imran Ad. Delivered office supply products to organization that choose to use a quality office supply distributor. By offering Guaranteed Low Prices, Free Next Day Delivery, and Expert Product Knowledge over 10,000 Office Stationery items and our Service Guarantee, you can be assured you will receive the attention you deserve EVERYDAY!